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Lieberman worried that omitting “Islamic” terrorism from security document is disrespectful to Muslims

Sen. Joe Lieberman wrote a letter Friday to top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, asking the administration to “identify accurately the ideological source” of the threat. He argued that failing to identify “violent Islamist extremism” as the enemy is “disrespectful” to Muslims: “This is not honest and, frankly, I think it's hurtful in our relations with the Muslim world,” Lieberman said. “We're not in a war against Islam. It's a group of Islamist extremists who have taken the Muslim religion and made it into a political ideology, and I think if we're not clear about that, we disrespect the overwhelming majority of Muslims who are not extremists.”

What the &%@#, Sen. Lieberman! You are the last person to whom Muslims would turn to voice their grievances. What is disrespectful is your presumption that you know what or how the overwhelming majority of Muslims feel.