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Students Evaluations

Summary of Students’ Evaluations

This summary of students’ evaluations of Professor Souaiaia reflects data compiled from the past 14 years; in this particular sample, the focus is on three critical areas: workload, availability, grading practices, and clarity. Other aspects such as methodology, preparedness, effectiveness, and helpfulness were also evaluated and have received similar scores.

 Workload was reasonableInstructor available to studentsGrading was fairOral Communication Competence
Courses Taught at UW
Average: 4.4/5.0 
Based on 13 courses
4.3/5.0 4.6/5.0 4.3/5.04.5/5.0 
Courses Taught at 
U of I
Based on 21 courses
 5.77/6.00 5.50/6.005.54/6.00 
Students' Comments, as received by the Center for Teaching and other units within the University of Iowa:

"I thoroughly enjoyed your courses and wanted to thank you for being such an exceptional professor. It is evident that you sincerely care about your students."
"I would like to thank you and show you my great appreciation, because you have given me an idea on what I would like to do with my life... You are absolutely an amazing teacher: You are energetic, and I can tell that you love what you do. I only hope to take more classes from you. Even if I was not a morning person, I was always excited to go to class and intrigued by what I would learn next."

In a department full of opinions and theories, Dr. Souaiaia is most certainly a beacon of hope for future generations. Since I'm a religious studies minor, I've been through many professors who like to hear themselves talk about what they think. However, Dr. Souaiaia does not give his straight opinion about anything for that matter. In this way he allows the students to think for themselves, rather than regurgitate what they are learning. This helps us to learn how to think instead of what to think, which is imperative outside of school. With his great humor and quick whit, it is no wonder that students continue to take his courses. He has taught me that it takes more than just reading the materials to get a deeper understanding of it, and that having an answer (though there may not be a correct one) is not as important as getting to that answer by one's OWN means."

Former students may post their comments; please send them via the Web Form or to the Center for Teaching to prevent spam.